• il panorama della Fattoria
  • la casa del thè
  • il laghetto delle colonne

An itinerary in the Park Romantic Queen and along the route of the 1st tier of the Botanical Garden.

Woods, meadows, olive groves, wetlands and cliffs will be the setting for this exciting walk in balance between history and nature, immersed in the reality of a real farm.

Through guided tours you can stroll among the olive trees and closely observe our animals: donkeys Amiata, horses, ostriches, boars, goats, geese, cows limousine and many others.

Entering the dense forest of cypress, oak trees of the Botanical Garden, you will have the opportunity to admire the beautiful Lake of Columns, housed in a famous quarry stone, and the Tea House where you can stop for a break. Along the trail there will be beautiful viewpoints over the city of Florence.

The Park Romantic Queen was built by nobleman John Temple Leader between 1870 and 1893 around the Cava called the Pillars. The small roads of the stonemasons were transformed and valued as romantic paths and botanical for its guests. Everything was inaugurated by Queen Victoria of England April 12, 1893.
From these places will have passed Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Benedetto and Giuliano da Majano, Boccaccio, Vasari, Lorenzo the Magnificent and tantialtri. E 'it was also one of the locations of the movie "A Room with a View" by James Ivory, winner of 3 Academy Awards.
The Garden Botanicoè the largest in Italy; It extends for about 50 hectares between the City of Florence and the Municipality of Fiesole and offers about 12 kilometers of trails.
After a careful study of the environmental characteristics and vegetation of the forest it has started a project to upgrade the experimental with the aim of making the area an "open-air laboratory" in which you try to insert, in the habitats, species of plants with different ecological affinity to study the evolution and development of new experimental facilities.